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ENW IS a collection of those uncommon varieties grown where they always were. The winemakers that supply this store pursue their craft for any number of reasons, but above all else, their hard work was intended for us to enjoy their wine.

These wines are made from uncommon grape varieties indigenous to where they are grown and produced. 

We work with independent producers who share our commitment to offering more variety to our table and ecosystem. 

Agricultural biodiversity better serves the future of plants, land and us. Conservation through consumption. 

Featured Producer


Piemonte 🇮🇹

The vines of Cascina Tavijn in the hills of Monferrato are planted amongst Italy’s best hazelnuts, in silt, sand, limestone and deep sandstone. In this largely forgotten part of Asti, their family’s groves remained planted, thus many old unique varieties of the area have been saved. Nadia used to adhere to the region’s DOC/G labels but has since abandoned these designations and their limitations, thus allowing her to produce the wine she wants to make. 

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