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Dox Under The Tracks - April 14th 18:00

Pouring wine at Workspace 6 on Friday. @movanderdoes on saxophone & @kingtritone96 on guitar for the 2nd edition of Dox Under The Tracks. Follow the tracks west from Centraal Station a little ways and pull up when it feels right.

New additions on the wine list - a Rosé from Makaridze using their Aladasturi grapes. Their red made from Aladasturi has been one of our most well received wines. Now the sunshine is dropping its shyness it feels right to extend the offering to include the lighter coloured tipple. And a sparkling red, Mostro, from Cascina Tavijn and Nadia's Grignolino fruit.

RSVP only - free entry. Band donations welcomed at door.


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