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Samos ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡·

Sous Le Vegetal – August 2018

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A super smooth, ruby red wine from the island of Samos, Greece. The single plot from which these grapes derive is 800m above sea level at the foot of Mt Karvounis. The well drained and nutritionally scant basalt/schist soils promote the roots to dig deep and prioritise fruit development. The salinity makes it into the glass, along with dried prunes and jarred cherries. Half the grapes were pressed and the juice added to the other half of whole bunches to macerate for forty days, restraining the tannins even more so to make a softer wine, held up by the fresh acidity. Aged in a mix of 500 lt barrels and concrete eggs. Get some pork on your fork for this one, fried aubergine or lamb shank.

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