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Kakheti ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡ª

Nike Oaks Khikhvi 2018

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Destemmed, spontaneous fermented at a controlled temperature of 22°C. Grapes macerate with skins for up to 28 days in large 4000L Qvevri before moving to tank. After one month of fermentation and maceration the wine is racked off into tanks for 60 days with additional lees contact. Finally, the wine is racked again to remove lees. Bottled after one year. 


The amber colour expresses density and tannin. Dried stone fruits and herbal. Earthy and tannic - ballsy. It’s a versatile wine and lends itself as a partner to almost anything on the savoury side. Don’t serve it cold, don’t drink it cold! Slightly chill to 15°C before opening. Give it a little 10 minute decanting.

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